Ready to Feel Strong, Confident and Capable in Your Body?

Fearless Health has a dedicated fitness space for women looking to improve their health through pregnancy, post natal recovery, motherhood, menopause and beyond.

Welcome to our Women's Fitness Space in Dubbo

Women's Fitness Classes in a Safe, Judgement Free Space

We offer a range of fitness options designed to help women of all sizes and fitness levels achieve their fitness goals. Fitness should be approachable and enjoyable for everyone, which is why we take a holistic approach to women's health that focuses on building strength, confidence, and a positive relationship with your body.  

We take a size-inclusive, non-diet approach to fitness, which means that we don't believe in restrictive diets or punishing exercise routines. Instead, we focus on helping women learn how to get started with exercise in a way that feels sustainable and empowering.  

Whether you're a beginner or getting back into exercise after a break, Fearless Health will help you build a strong foundation of strength and fitness. Our expert Coach, Melissa Woodward, will guide you through each workout and provide support and encouragement along the way.  

So if you're ready to take the first step towards a stronger, healthier, and more confident you at any stage of life, join Fearless Health today!

Fitness Classes

  • Groups Limited to 8-10 participants
  • Kid/Bub Friendly Indoor Space 
  • Pay for a Full 10 Week Term, Pay fortnightly payment plan or casual visits.
  • Community of supportive women ready to share knowledge and compassion.


Secure your spot in our popular fitness classes by committing to a term pass. Choose from payment upfront or fortnightly by direct debit. Casual bookings can be made below for your preferred class.

Term Passes are flexible if you need to swap a class (available spots permitting). Choose your preferred class and notify us of any weeks you need to switch. Make up sessions available within the term.

Not ready to commit? Book your casual classes below - pay online or pay in person.


For girls aged 12 - 17, teens fitness classes focus on building strength with fun fitness games, lifting suitable weights or using their own body weight to get their whole body moving. We will also be reinforcing body respect and building confidence in a relaxed group setting. Active Kids Vouchers can be used for term pass purchases.


Strength training classes for women of all life stages from pregnancy to menopause. Suitable for women looking to return to exercise or looking for the freedom to explore movement and build fitness at your own pace, surrounded by women on the same path. No judgement, only support and encouragement. 


Get your heart rate up, feel pumped, and improve your strength in our boxing for fitness classes. Suitable for all fitness levels, you'll be paired with someone at a similar level where you'll be gloved up and punching pads for a great cardiovascular workout. No experience required, learn together. Pads and Boxing Gloves provided. 

What can you expect at Fearless health

  • Support from a compassionate Coach who has been where you are. 
  • Feel energized instead of depleted after a workout. 
  • Get strong throughout your whole body.
  • Empowered to manage pelvic floor symptoms, pain or injury (including knowing how and when to modify).
  • Gain an understanding of how your body works, when it needs movement or rest,  and the confidence to advocate for it.
  • A mindset shift from exercise for weight loss to body acceptance and love.  
  • To let go of guilt, shame and embarrassment around your body when you start seeing just how capable you really are! 
  • To progress over time to heavier weights or complete more complex exercises.
  • New-found motivation to stick with a realistic health plan that considers your stage of life. 
  • Trust that you’re fully capable in the body you live in right now. 


I'm Melissa Woodward - Women's Health Coach, Owner of Fearless Health and Mum to two active boys.

Looking back on my path to become a Mum, I feel like my body has been through it all. I’ve experienced two c-sections, miscarriage, IVF, Gestational Diabetes, abdominal separation, umbilical hernia repair, and all the aches of every day life.

There were times I was fearful of exercise, felt alone with no one to trust on how to support me through any of the challenges. After the birth of my first son, I decided to become the person I wanted for myself. I educated myself in postnatal recovery, pregnancy, and postnatal exercise coaching. As a Remedial Massage Therapist, I also have experience with c-section scar tissue.

My goal is to help women heal their relationship with exercise by considering you as a whole person. I have helped guide many women through pregnancy, postnatal recovery, surgery recovery, and more with this gentle but effective strength training approach.  

I aim to ease you back into movement, manage pain or injury, and to encourage you to give yourself permission to rest when your body needs it most.

My Fearless Health Studio is the space I wished I’d had to get started with exercise after each life stage, change and challenge. 

Not Sure Which Fitness Option is Right for You?

Reach out to us now!

If you're interested in beginning a fitness journey and need help deciding if Fearless Health is the place for you, I'm here to help. Please include in your message the type of support you require and any difficulties you may be facing so that I can give you the best advice. Also, let me know if our current classes do not fit into your schedule.

I'm excited to connect with you and create a plan that works for you