Your New Path to Feeling Strong, Confident And Capable In Your Body With Two Simple Workouts Per Week

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Has it been a while since you last worked out?

You’ve been busy raising your kids or maybe you’ve just had your baby.

You’ve had challenges thrown into the mix, such as pain and symptoms ( looking at you, core and pelvic floor!). It’s frustrating that the changes your body has been through are rarely addressed by the health and fitness industry.

The approaches to exercise that you’ve seen haven’t considered your busy lifestyle or who you are beyond your body.

You’re tired of being told that exercise is a tool to shrink your body or punish yourself into some “ideal shape.”

You’re over being told that you’re “bad” if you make certain food choices or that you’re lazy if you need to rest.

You’ve been asked to commit time, money, and energy that you just don't have to be a part of something that you don’t even want, especially when maybe you’ve never really loved exercise in the first place.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Welcome to Fearless Foundations

Fearless Foundations is a 4 Week Guided Exercise Program designed for women who are looking to ease back into exercise and who want to feel strong and capable in their body.

Fearless Foundations Includes:

  • A Get Started Guide with all the information you need to prepare your space, your schedule and yourself for the program 
  • Two Weekly 30 Minute Strength Training workouts with full workout recordings to complete in your own time 
  • Health Coaching Mini Lessons delivered via video:
  • Posture, Breathing, Core and Pelvic Floor 
  • Managing Muscle Pain, Injury and Improving Mobility 
  • Foundations of Sleep, Nutrition, Rest and Mental Health 
  • Creating an Ongoing Sustainable Health Plan  

Group Onboarding Call on Monday 16th May at 7:00pm (AEST)

During this call, I'll go over how the program will work, as well as address any questions you have about getting started.

Getting started is always the hardest part, so let me be there to guide you forward.

What can you expect from the program?

  • Support from a compassionate Coach who has been where you are. 
  • Feel energized instead of depleted after a workout 
  • Get strong throughout your whole body 
  • Empowered to manage pelvic floor symptoms, pain or injury (including knowing how and when to modify) 
  • Gain an understanding of how your body works, when it needs movement or rest,  and the confidence to advocate for it.
  • A mindset shift from exercise for weight loss to body acceptance and love  
  • To let go of guilt, shame and embarrassment around your body when you start seeing just how capable you really are! 
  • To progress over time to heavier weights or complete more complex exercises  
  • New-found motivation to stick with a realistic health plan that considers your stage of life. 
  • To start seeing yourself as a role model for your kids, family and community.  
  • Trust that you’re fully capable in the body you live in right now 


I'm Melissa Woodward - Women's Health Coach, Owner of Fearless Health and Mum to two strong willed, active boys.

Looking back on my path to become a Mum, I feel like my body has been through it all. I’ve experienced two c-sections, miscarriage, IVF, Gestational Diabetes (now insulin resistance), abdominal separation, umbilical hernia repair, uterine polyps and all the aches of every day life.

There were times I was fearful of exercise, felt alone with no one to trust on how to support me through any of the challenges. After the birth of my first son, I decided to become the person I wanted for myself. I educated myself in postnatal recovery, pregnancy, and postnatal exercise coaching. As a Remedial Massage Therapist, I even have experience with c-section scar tissue.

My goal is to help women heal their relationship with exercise by considering you as a whole person. I have helped guide many women through pregnancy, postnatal recovery, surgery recovery, and more with this gentle but effective strength training approach.  

I aim to ease you back into movement, manage pain or injury, and to encourage you to give yourself permission to rest when your body needs it most.

Fearless Foundations is the program I wished I’d had to get started with exercise after each life stage, change and challenge. 

Fearless Foundations is for women who want:

  • A Solid foundation 
  • Quick and effective full-body workouts 
  • A focus on technique  
  • Strategies to manage and overcome pain and symptoms
  • A strong and capable Core and pelvic floor 
  • Holistic training methods 
  • A safe space and community  
  • A method of selfcare 

Fearless Foundations is not for women who want:

  • Weigh-ins, body measurements, before and after photos, or diet plans. (I want to be upfront right here, that if you want to focus on losing weight only, this may not be the program for you.) 
  • To wait for a number on the scales or your pant’s size to tell you your value.  
  • To push or train hard to the point of pain or exhaustion
  • No excuses training mindsets 
  • Quick-fixes 
  • A focus on traditionally masculine training methods that disregard the female experience. 


  • 4 payments of

    $23 AUD

    per week

    4 Week Guided Program

  • 4 Week Strength Training Program
  • Weekly Coaching Lessons
  • BONUS: Live Coaching Call

    $90 AUD


    4 Week Guided Program

  • 4 Week Strength Training Program
  • Weekly Coaching Lessons
  • BONUS: Live Coaching Call

Frequently Asked Questions

Fearless Foundations is 100% online. Upon sign up, you will create logins for the Fearless Health website which hosts the courses.

You will be emailed the link to the Fearless Foundations Course Dashboard for you to navigate through the lessons.

The pre-course work will be released on Friday 13th May 2022 for immediate access to the Get Started Guide, with the program to commence on Monday 16th May with our live zoom call. Each week on Monday morning, the new lesson and weekly workout will be shown in your course dashboard.

Because we all love to tick things off our to-do list, I'll have each workout and coaching video as a new lesson so you can see your progress getting through the program.

Our Live Onboarding Call will be delivered via zoom but you also have the option to join from your browser.

I like to keep things simple for your at home workouts so all you will need is a set of dumbbells - I recommend starting at around 3kgs, depending on your current strength. You will find that will consistent workouts that you may need to find heavier dumbbells. I find that the dumbbells at Kmart, Big W or Target are all affordable options. Other sporting retailers will have higher quality options.

You may also require a bench or stable chair for modifications. And an exercise mat may come in handy for comfort. 

Not at all. I don't often wear shoes when I exercise in the mornings at home but you may find your joggers will provide you with some extra stability, the choice is yours.

And as the workouts are low impact, there is no need for a mechanically engineered sports bra. You may even choose no bra at all. I recommend choosing clothes that are easy to move in and are comfortable for you to wear. 

Strength training (sometimes also called resistance training) is moving your body against resistance. Whether it's with weights like dumbbells or with your own bodyweight. Some examples of the basic movement patterns we will go through are squats, push ups, lunges, glute bridges and more. If you don't know what any of these exercises are, try not to worry, I will be explaining every single exercise we complete. 

Absolutely! This program has been designed so I can cover all the basics that I need people to know about working with me. This includes how to modify the exercises so that you can start at the level that suits your fitness level. We often work in repetitions (reps) of an exercise and sets of reps. If I state the workout is 3 sets and you are feeling really tired after 2, then stop there. Next time you repeat the workout, you may feel able to try the 3 sets. 

For this current release of the program, I would recommend waiting at least 6 weeks after the birth where you have had your check up with the doctor. You can start easing into movement before the 6 week check and once your check up is complete, you can further ease into these new movements. If you have been through a c-section, you may feel more comfortable waiting a little longer. You can contact me to discuss before committing to the program if you are unsure you are ready.

Yes please! You are the people I aim to help the most. So often you have been told you cannot exercise at all or given some vague information about exercise based on the idea that the only way to move is high impact, intense or long in duration. Strength training is low impact, can be modified to consider your condition, can be short and effective and the intensity set at an appropriate level to help you feel energised, while managing muscle soreness.
Have a read of this blog about how we modify exercise in the program - Exercise Modifications to get you started

There are no refunds offered for Fearless Foundations for change of mind or if you do not like it. I will also not refund if you do not complete the program. You will have ongoing access beyond the 4 weeks so you can always come back and start again at your convenience.