What to Expect in a Remedial Massage

Posted On Jul 05, 2022 |

Have you ever had a Remedial Massage Treatment? Do you know what happens? I have had 65 - 80 year old women who have never had a massage, coming to see what it is all about and how I can help. You are never too young or old to experience massage. To ease your mind on what happens, I thought I would share what to expect in a Remedial Massage Treatment.

  • You will be asked to complete a Confidential Client Information Form which will ask for your personal contact details, medical conditions, previous injuries and consent to undertake treatment.
  • We will discuss the information about your medical history and obtain any further information that may affect your treatment. There are some circumstances where massage is not appropriate or certain movements or techniques should be avoided so we will discuss this with you.
  • We will complete an assessment which may involve postural analysis and range of movement testing. This is to see where we need to focus our efforts and determine what may be the cause of your pain.
  • You will be asked to get changed in private to your underwear and cover yourself with the large towel provided.
  • The treatment will consist of soft tissue techniques including massage, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, passive stretching and muscle energy techniques. All techniques will be performed within your pain tolerances so please communicate if you experience pain or even if you would like to increase the pressure.
  • At the end of the treatment, you will be asked to dress in private and once dressed further discussion will take place regarding what treatment took place, including further recommendations.
  • We may provide you with stretches, self care techniques, exercises, postural advice, workstation changes or the application of heat or ice. This allows you to maintain the results we have achieved following the treatment.
  • Recommendations will be made regarding follow up treatments. As a guide, we would recommend to see you in 1 week at the earliest to allow your body time to adjust and repair. Follow up sessions are recommendations and you can decide whether to follow our recommendations. There is no pressure to rebook if you do not wish.

Following treatment you may experience some muscle soreness from the Remedial Massage Techniques used. Treat this as you would post-exercise muscle soreness by drinking plenty of water, continuing to move regularly and undertaking stretches. If the pain is any worse, please contact me or your GP for advice.

If you have further questions about Remedial Massage or would like to make a booking at our Dubbo Remedial Massage Clinic, book online here.

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