Empowered Women's Health Podcast: Navigating the New Year

Finding Alignment and Setting Intentions for the New Year

Welcome back to the Empowered Women's Health podcast with Melissa Woodward and Erin Bailey. In this episode, they dive into the importance of finding alignment and setting intentions for the year ahead.

Prioritising Family and Financial Well-Being

Melissa and Erin discuss the balance between giving back to the community and prioritising their family's financial well-being. They emphasize the need to set boundaries and recognise the value of their time and energy, especially in the context of charitable work and volunteering.

Coming Home to Self-Care and Personal Needs

Erin shares her focus on coming home to her own body and needs, highlighting the importance of prioritising self-care and well-being. She emphasizes the significance of aligning with her intuition and supporting other women in their journey towards self-care and body awareness.

Reflecting on Energetic Cycles and Setting Intentions

The hosts explore the concept of aligning intentions with energetic cycles, acknowledging the impact of seasonal shifts on personal and professional growth. They encourage listeners to reflect on their own energetic cycles and consider setting intentions based on their unique rhythms.

In conclusion, Melissa and Erin encourage listeners to reflect on their experiences with the new year and consider setting intentions that prioritise self-care, personal growth, and meaningful contributions. They emphasize the value of embracing inclusivity and fair recognition for women's efforts in all aspects of life.

Remember, finding alignment and setting intentions is a personal journey. Embrace the process and prioritize your well-being as you navigate the year ahead.

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