What does it mean to be Fearless?

Posted On Aug 24, 2021 |

Now being fearless may be seen as the masculine type of strong, bold and no emotion. My version of fearless is different and a more feminine approach. It’s not the absence of fear. It’s more so that I can inspire women to become informed about their health, to ease the fears related to myths and beliefs keeping them in pain or from participating in life.

Here is what being Fearless means to me:

Trusting Your Intuition: 

We have a gut feeling for a reason and we seem to have forgotten to listen and trust it. Be fearless in trusting what that powerful woman's intuition is telling you.

Knowing Your Body: 

We are so overloaded with fears with our bodies during periods of significant change like pregnancy, childbirth and post natal recovery. As we navigate all of that, I believe in being educated about our bodies so we can be fearless in knowing what is right for us.

Advocating for Yourself: 

As a woman, we are expected to do as we are told and listen to others in what is best for us. But what if you felt fearless enough to ask questions and set boundaries?

Feeling Confident: 

When our fears are fed, we lose our confidence. Through understanding your body, your health and what you can do, you are able to feel confident and fearless in life.

Feeling Empowered: 

Putting all the pieces of this picture together has you feeling completely empowered. Ready to stand in your power, embrace your beauty and create space for you.

Not Giving a F*ck! 

When you know your body, trust you know what is best and know how to stand up for yourself, nothing can stand in your way.

Are you ready to be fearless?

I am on a mission to help women heal their relationship with food, exercise and their bodies. I provide a simple, realistic and sustainable approach to improving your health and I would love to be your coach. 

If you would like help with being more fearless in life, contact me or check out our current programs.

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