Are Excuses A Bad Thing?

Posted On Jan 27, 2022 |

Over years of coaching women with their health, there is this common complaint holding people back. As the Coach, I have people give me all the excuses under the sun why they can't exercise, eat healthy or change their lifestyle in any way. I'm not hard on people who give me their reasons for cancelling, not doing anything in between sessions or sticking to that one habit they committed to do.

I have been working on this theory that excuses aren't a bad thing. The excuses aren't about people being lazy, uncommitted, or anything else terrible we say to ourselves.

Excuses are the brain's way of keeping you safe.

Think about it.

If I exercise I'll be sore and I don't want to feel sore so I will stay safe and not exercise.

If I exercise I might lose weight. People may start noticing and start to comment. I don't want that attention so I'll just stay safe and in my own safe bubble.

If I eat healthy, I will have less options for eating. It may be hard to find a healthy meal, I won't get to eat, so I'll just be safe and eat what is available.

What if you took a deep breath and said to your brain... it's ok brain, I've got this!

It is safe for me to move my body. Because I know that pain doesn't equal damage. I know how to manage those initial pains and my body will get used to it.

It is safe for me to lose weight. People can comment, judge or have their opinion. But their opinion is none of my business and I can ignore it.

It is safe for me to choose nutritious foods. There are plenty of options available that I will enjoy and make my body feel well.

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