Online Women's Health Coaching

Empowering Women with Energising Workouts at Home

Are you ready to get Fit & Fearless with me?

I'm on a mission to support women to heal their relationship with food, exercise and their bodies. These relationships have been ruined by strict workouts, eating plans and shame for not doing enough. What is enough anyway?

 I created Fit and Fearless Online Women's Health Membership so that I can inspire women to become informed about their health to ease the fears related to myths and beliefs keeping them in pain or from participating in life.


Workout from the comfort of your own home.
No travel time, no childminding and no fancy active wear required. Come as you are and be supported.

Learn about health issues unique to women.
Our program is tailored to suit the needs of women and educating you about your body helps you advocate for your health and feel empowered to move with confidence. 

Connect with a cheer squad of women.
Our Closed Facebook community is a great place to gain support and ask questions along the way.

Modified Workouts are the norm around here
As women, we face health challenges or significant physical (and mental) changes as we move through significant life stages like pregnancy and post natal recovery. We also deal with injury, surgery and body changes so there is a range of exercise modifications available to you.

Who is Fit and Fearless for?

A flexible, realistic health and fitness program designed to suit women across important life changes


Fit and Fearless includes modifications and education to support you throughout stages when:

  • Trying to conceive
  • First Trimester
  • Second Trimester
  • Third Trimester


Guiding you through a gradual return to exercise to recover from pregnancy and childbirth, including considerations for:

  • Breastfeeding
  • Fatigue, sleep and energy balance
  • Pelvic floor and core rehabilitation
  • Prolapse, tearing or c-section
  • Muscular aches and pains of caring for baby


As a Woman you may face many more unique life challenges that need education and consideration to keep movement a consistent part of your lifestyle.

  • Periods, hormone cycles and energy requirements
  • Post surgery recovery 
  • Adult injuries, sprains, strains, etc from you know, sleeping wrong!
  • Juggling the demands and responsibilities of parenthood.

Live Exercise Classes

Each month there is a new schedule of live exercise classes run via Zoom, as well as new coaching topics to help you better understand your body and how to feel more confident.

Our Coach Led Live Workouts follow a monthly strength training program which can be modified for your body and your fitness level. Exercise Modifications are a tool we use to improve your fitness, one step at a time.

Classes run for 30-40 mins including a warm up and stretch.

This is me... standing in the chaos of my own home.

During live workouts, you won't often find me in fancy active wear. I often wear old shirts from my husband and my slippers. I do invest in good tights to keep things all in... because things get a little jiggly after kids. Am I right??

Don't be shy, we're not super fancy. Just come as you are and move your body with love. Also feel free to switch off your camera if you are more comfortable. 

Join us from anywhere in Australia for a live workout in your home. Here is me standing in the chaos of my home with kids around in my slippers

Current Class Schedule

  • Tuesday - 7:00am
  • Thursday - 7:00am


Fit & Fearless Women
Members Only Facebook Group

All membership levels come with private access to our members only community. This is where you can ask the group your questions and you'll find me sharing tips, motivation or my latest cocktail creation. 

Live Coach-Led Workouts
Class Recordings

In the group and individual coaching memberships you will receive exclusive access to all live workouts and their recordings. Join me each week as we follow our monthly program together. 

Personalised Coaching
One on One Sessions

If you are looking for extra support, whether short term or longer term, the personalised coaching package is for you. You'll receive two individual sessions with workouts created for your needs each month.

"I am finally enjoying exercise for the first time in my life!.. I'm full of energy and positivity when I complete the workouts regularly and I know if I keep committed, I will 100% be on the path to the healthiest version of me."

- Katie

"Support from a woman who gets mum life and isn't yelling don't stop, instead encouragement to listen to your body and build your fitness over time."

- Janet

"Biggest wins for me are the convenience of working out in my own home but not alone, never having to worry about the kids just to be able to do a 30 minute workout. The cheer squad of other women helping each other achieve goals "

- Erin

With Mel's support I found all the answers I needed. She guide's you through each exercise and explains how to avoid injury. This group will give you the confidence you need to exercise safely!

- Laura

Fit & Fearless Program Packages

  • $50 AUD

    per month

    For the self motivated woman

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  • DIY Monthly Strength Training Program
  • Facebook Community & Group Coaching
  • On-Demand Exercise Library
  • $23 AUD

    per week

    Weekly Payment Plan

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  • Live Coach-led Strength Training Workouts
  • Monthly Coaching Program
  • Facebook Community & Group Coaching
  • On-Demand Exercise Library
  • Most popular
  • $90 AUD

    per month

    BONUS: Onboarding Call

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  • Live Coach-led Strength Training Workouts
  • Monthly Coaching Program
  • Facebook Community & Group Coaching
  • On-Demand Exercise Library
  • $190 AUD

    per month

    Individualised focus on your goals

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  • 2 x Personalised Coaching Calls Per Month
  • Live Coach-led Strength Training Workouts
  • Priority Email Support
  • Monthly Strength Training Program
  • On Demand Exercise Library
  • Facebook Community & Group Coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

Our low impact, strength focused workouts are aimed at helping women at various stages of life to return to exercise safely.

They are suitable during pregnancy, for new mums and modified for any injuries. If you are unsure with any workout, I'm here to answer your questions in the Facebook Community and offer appropriate modifications. 

The equipment required is simple and at times can be completely optional. You can also improvise with other items in your household.

Equipment used in workouts:
* 2 x 3-5kg dumbbells
* Large resistance band and mini band
* Bench or chair for modifications
* Exercise mat for your comfort

YES!! You are the kind of woman I want to join the most. I love helping women find how capable their bodies are and guide you to build strength gradually. 

You may get some minor muscle soreness when you first start working out. You may feel the worst in the 24-48 hour period following your workout but it will get better. Remember - Pain does not equal damage. The more consistent you are with your workouts, the easier it will get and less pain you will experience. 

Absolutely!! I encourage your whole family to get involved and exercise together. One of the workouts has my 7 year old son with me. Children can do the exercises without weights or with small weights that suits their strength. Husbands/partners can join in too and don't need to pay or register for the program. 

We currently have two live coach-led workouts on Tuesday and Thursday at 7am. The workouts are recorded and added to the website for you to return to at your convenience.
I also have a workout library with past workouts which include boxing, cardio, core and strength training focuses. These can be accessed 24/7 if you are looking for some variety or extra workouts.

When you register, you will create logins for the Fearless Health Website. Once logged in you can access any purchased courses, including the Fit and Fearless Program. The workouts are stored within the program and you can access the website from any device connected to the internet.

Generally, the workouts take a maximum of 30-40 minutes including a warm up and cool down. They can be shorter for workouts where you choose to complete less sets or rounds. Some of our workouts can be split into two mini workouts so also great for time poor women.