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Feel Empowered, Energised and Excited About Exercise as part of our Supportive Fitness Community

Have you struggled to commit to exercise?

You often feel like you don’t belong in a gym. You feel self conscious about exercising amongst very fit people and have no idea if you are using the equipment correctly.

You struggle to get the support you need and the confidence to modify exercise for your body.

You feel that you have to commit to everything at once. Daily workouts, healthy eating, cutting out junk. You’re over being told that you’re “bad” if you make certain food choices or that you’re lazy if you need to rest.  

You’re tired of hearing that exercise is a tool to shrink your body and of the pressure to punish yourself into some “ideal shape.”

You have kids or care for family members; it’s not exactly easy to find time for yourself.

You’ve had challenges thrown into the mix, such as pain and symptoms (looking at you, core and pelvic floor!) It’s frustrating that the changes your body has been through are rarely addressed by the health and fitness industry.

You feel like you have left it too long between workouts and it’s too hard to start again.

You are overwhelmed and unmotivated when you think about exercise. Honestly, you don’t even know if you like exercise.

Life keeps getting in the way, you lose momentum, and you just don't know how to start again. 

It doesn’t have to be this way.

What if you could:

Have the support of a Personal Trainer for all your questions

All the perks of at home workouts but with the support of a group

Get advice to modify workouts for your individual needs

Receive educated about your body and have a space to ask questions

Make changes, one realistic habit change at a time

Enjoy exercise as you feel accomplished with each workout

Welcome to FIT and Fearless

Fit and Fearless is a flexible, realistic health and fitness program designed to support women through important life changes including pregnancy, post natal recovery, motherhood and into menopause.

Fit and Fearless Includes:

  • A Get Started Guide with all the information you need to prepare your space, your schedule and yourself for the program 
  • Two Weekly 30 minute Strength Training workouts with full workout recordings to complete in your own time  
  • New Workout Program Released in 4 Week Blocks so you can watch your strength improve before learning new workouts.
  • Closed Facebook Community with Access to your Coach for support and answers to all your questions
  • Access to the Education and Bonus Workouts Library  
  • Optional Upgrade to attend Live Classes 


Workout from the comfort of your own home.
No travel time, no childminding and no fancy active wear required. Come as you are and be supported. Get it done alone or join our Live Classes.

Experience a program tailored to the unique experience of women.
I believe in educating you about your body so that you can manage pain, symptoms and navigate the changes each chapter brings. You’ll learn about women’s health issues and how to advocate for yourself to your healthcare providers.

Support from a Compassionate Coach who has been where you are.
Join our safe space away from guilt, shame and embarrassment around your body as I guide you to start seeing just how capable you really are!

Connect with a cheer squad of women.
Our Closed Facebook community is a great place to gain support and ask questions along the way. It’s like your own group of cheerleaders wanting you to succeed.

Modified Workouts are the norm around here
Have you ever felt like modifying was taking the easy way out or being lazy?
It’s not.  I know you need ways to move your body that accommodate injury, medical conditions, healing, and just feeling too bloody tired and I’m here to help you do just that!

Feel Energised, Strong and rested when needed
The workouts will leave you energised instead of depleted afterwards. You'll gain strength throughout your whole body that'll allow you to progress to heavier weights. You will also be guided to listen to your body to rest for greater recovery. 

"Biggest wins for me are the convenience of working out in my own home but not alone, never having to worry about the kids just to be able to do a 30 minute workout. And the cheer squad of other women helping each other achieve goals."

- Erin

"Fit and Fearless with Mel is what my soul has been searching for. The program is affordable, yet packed full with a crazy amount value that promotes holistic wellbeing.

Feeling part of a community and having meaningful connections develop with other members has also brought a lot of meaning and joy to the time we spend together. There is no judgement, no shame, but embracing of all women wherever we are at in our movement journey. For the first time in my life I have been consistent with movement! My confidence in my body and what it can do has increased.  I have noticed a significant improvement in my strength and functional mobility. And I have found that I am not just doing movement because I know I should, but because I want to. Instead of movement being a punishment or a chore, it is a much loved resource in my well-being toolkit."

- Nicole


I'm Melissa Woodward - Women's Health Coach, Owner of Fearless Health and Mum to two strong willed, active boys.

Looking back on my path to become a Mum, I feel like my body has been through it all. I’ve experienced two c-sections, miscarriage, IVF, Gestational Diabetes (now insulin resistance), abdominal separation, umbilical hernia repair, grief, burnout and all the aches of every day life.

There were times I was fearful of exercise, felt alone with no one to trust on how to support me through any challenges I faced with my body.  

I have worked hard to create a safe space, a community and be the support person I wish I had for myself.  

My goal is to help women heal their relationship with exercise by considering you as a whole person. I have helped guide many women through pregnancy, postnatal recovery, surgery recovery, and more with this gentle but effective strength training approach.

I aim to ease you back into movement, manage pain or injury, and to encourage you to give yourself permission to rest when your body needs it most.

I love getting to know you and working with you to feel empowered in your body again. 

"With Mel's support I found all the answers I needed. She guides you through each exercise and explains how to avoid injury. This group will give you the confidence you need to exercise safely!"

- Laura

"Support from a woman who gets mum life and isn't yelling don't stop, instead encouragement to listen to your body and build your fitness over time."

- Janet

Fit and Fearless is for women who want:

  • Support to move their bodies through each stage of life
  • Quick and effective full-body workouts 
  • A focus on technique and progressively challenging the body
  • Strategies to manage and overcome pain and symptoms
  • A strong and capable core and pelvic floor 
  • A holistic approach to movement, health and wellness
  • To be surrounded by a community of supportive women
  • Encouragement to rest and strategies to reconnect with your body
  • Access to workout recordings when life gets in the way

Fit aND Fearless is not for women who want:

  • Weigh-ins, body measurements, before and after photos, or diet plans. (I want to be upfront right here, that if you want to focus on losing weight only, this may not be the program for you.) 
  • To wait for a number on the scales or your pant’s size to tell you your value.  
  • To push or train hard to the point of pain or exhaustion
  • No excuses training mindsets 
  • Quick-fixes 
  • A focus on traditionally masculine training methods that disregard the female experience. 

"I am finally enjoying exercise for the first time in my life!.. I'm full of energy and positivity when I complete the workouts regularly and I know if I keep committed, I will 100% be on the path to the healthiest version of me."

- Katie

Live Exercise Class Option

Need some gentle accountability, motivation and opportunity to ask for modifications. Our Live Class Option allows you to join our weekly live classes as it suits you. If you miss a class, recordings are available.

Workouts are: 

  • Strength Training Focused 
  • Full body integrating core and pelvic floor work 
  • 30-40 mins including chat, warm up and workout 
  • Requires basic equipment - Dumbbells, resistance bands and a bench or chair 
Join us from anywhere in Australia for a live workout in your home. Here is me standing in the chaos of my home with kids around in my slippers

Current Class Schedule

  • Tuesday - 7:00am
  • Thursday - 7:00am

"I love the routine that the program has brought to my week. I know that I can do the live classes and have access to recordings when life gets busy or I just feel the need to move. There is no judgement and I can come as I am.

- Michelle

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our low impact, strength focused workouts are aimed at helping women at various stages of life to return to exercise safely.

They are suitable during pregnancy, for new mums and modified for any injuries. If you are unsure with any workout, I'm here to answer your questions in the Facebook Community and offer appropriate modifications. 

The equipment required is simple and at times can be completely optional. You can also improvise with other items in your household.

Equipment used in workouts:
* 2 x 3-5kg dumbbells
* Large resistance band and mini band
* Bench or chair for modifications
* Exercise mat for your comfort

YES!! You are the kind of woman I want to join the most. I love helping women find how capable their bodies are and guide you to build strength gradually. 

You may get some minor muscle soreness when you first start working out. You may feel the worst in the 24-48 hour period following your workout but it will get better. Remember - Pain does not equal damage. The more consistent you are with your workouts, the easier it will get and less pain you will experience. 

Absolutely!! I encourage your whole family to get involved and exercise together. One of the workouts has my 7 year old son with me. Children can do the exercises without weights or with small weights that suits their strength. Husbands/partners can join in too and don't need to pay or register for the program. 

We currently have two live coach-led workouts on Tuesday and Thursday at 7am. The workouts are recorded and added to the website for you to return to at your convenience.
I also have a workout library with past workouts which include boxing, cardio, core and strength training focuses. These can be accessed 24/7 if you are looking for some variety or extra workouts.

When you register, you will create logins for the Fearless Health Website. Once logged in you can access any purchased courses, including the Fit and Fearless Program. The workouts are stored within the program and you can access the website from any device connected to the internet.

Generally, the workouts take a maximum of 30-40 minutes including a warm up and cool down. They can be shorter for workouts where you choose to complete less sets or rounds. Some of our workouts can be split into two mini workouts so also great for time poor women.