Let's talk about COVID Kilos.

Posted On Sep 01, 2021 |

Ok so I want to start by saying I hate talking about weight loss. I hate that a woman's value in life is measured by her size. I hate that a woman's focus is about shrinking, being smaller or not "letting herself go". 

But I have heard this term “covid kilos'' and the conversation around weight being gained in lockdown.

Well it's no wonder!

This time in our lives is strange. It's stressful and uncertain. It's very freaking weird. When in our lives did we ever imagine being told to stay home... always! Or given a curfew. Or so filled with fear that we would get a virus, pass it on and kill someone. It's intense. 

We have changed the way we work, learn and interact with family. We have lost access to our usual leisure activities or incidental exercise that keeps our bodies moving. 

When our bodies are in a stressed state, it stores. 

When we are stressed, we eat mindlessly.

When we are stressed, we eat for comfort. 

We use food, drinks and alcohol to ease the overwhelming feelings. 

There is no need for you to go on a diet right now. You don't need to restrict food or feel guilt around your choices. Right now, we need to focus on ways to manage that stress. Calm our nervous system. Sleep better at night. 

Restricting food right now may make the problem worse. How will you feel being told that something else is being taken away? Leave the diet bullshit alone. 

This is a stage in your life. Much like pregnancy and your post natal recovery. Or the terrible toddler years, it's all a stage that we go through. We need to be patient and kind to ourselves. Take quiet moments to listen to our bodies again. Watch for the signs we need water or fruit or movement or rest. Our bodies tell us what they need, you just have to listen. 

So find quiet in the chaos. 

Take a few deep breaths and listen. 

It's time we stop listening to the noise outside ourselves that focuses on restriction and start looking at what we can add to our lives. 

Add more sunshine. 

Add more play.

Add more variety  & experience with your meals.

Add more naps.

Add more adventures in your local community.

Give to yourself in the ways your body needs and you may come out the other side feeling amazing. Remember during difficult times it’s better to focus on what we do have and what we can control. 

What can you give yourself right now?

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